Electronic Equipment Auctions

We sell everything from semiconductor manufacturing equipment to welding equipment.

What is in the Electronics category?

The Electronics category includes all Used Semiconductor Equipment, Bonders – Welders, Circuit Board Assembly, Cleaning Systems, Lasers, PECVD – Oxidation, Photoresist: Coaters – Tracks, Plasma Etchers - Ashers - Ion Mills, Power Supplies - RF-Plasma-E-Gun, Screen Printers, Wafer Analysis.

Electronic equipment currently available

We currently have no items available at auction, but please contact us to be the first to know if we do.

FAQs about our electronic equipment sales

How do I collect my electronic engineering equipment?

We understand how stressful and complicated the removal of goods from a site can be. We endeavour to make this process as easy as possible for customers by suggesting a network of contractors in the shipping and removal industries.

Please see the service providers section for a full list of contractors.

Help I keep getting popups when I bid!

That's ok, the popups are just there to keep you informed about how you're doing in the auction. If it's easier, why not star the item and come back to it. You will be able to see your starred items on the homepage for that auction.

Can anyone else see the sums I bid?

No, rest assured that your data - including your information about bids and your personal information is safe with us.