Sheet metal processing

Sheet metal processing refers to the manufacturing process of forming, cutting, and joining thin metal sheets into finished products.

What is in the Fabricating/Sheet Metal category?

The Fabricating/Sheet Metal category includes all Manual Bending Rolls, CNC Bending Rolls, Manual Guillotines/ Shears, CNC Manual Guillotines/ Shears, CNC Laser and Water Cutting, Manual Press Brakes and Folders, CNC Press Brakes and Folders, CNC Profile Cutting (Gas or Plasma), Manual Profile Cutting (Gas or Plasma), Manual Punching Machines, CNC Punching Machines, Section Rolls, Manual Tube Bending, CNC Tube Bending

Sheet Metal Processing equipment currently available


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    Capacities: - Flats Bars Maximum 500 x 25mm/Minimum 60 x 6mm. Angle Punching on Horizontal Flange Maximum 160 x 160 x 16mm/Minimum 50 x 50 x 6mm. Punching Capacity Max Punching Force 1200kN, Diameter x Thickness – N/mm2 410= Ø33 x 25mm, Max...
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    HTC Model 250-10A 10' x 1/4" Power Squaring Shear
    HTC Model 250-10A 10' x 1/4" Power Squaring Shear, Front Operated Power Back Gauge, Angle Arm, S/N: 1179T1786  (Located in Warren, MI)
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    Max Round Tube Diameter – Mild Steel - 50.8mm x 2mm (S=40kgf/mm²), Stainless - 50.8mm x 1.3mm (S=60kgf/mm²), Non-Ferrous 50.8mm x 3.5mm (S=25kgf/mm²). Max Square Tube – Mild Steel - 40mm x 1.8mm (S=40kgf/mm²), Max Solid Round Bar – Mild Ste...
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    Installed 2018 Aquarese by Flow 8-Axis Robot Contouring Waterjet, Complete with Flow Hyperjet Model 058009-2 87,000 PSI with 94,000 PS Maximum Generated Pressure Intensifier,
    Installed 2018 Aquarese by Flow 8-Axis Robot Contouring Waterjet, Complete with Flow Hyperjet Model 058009-2 87,000 PSI with 94,000 PS Maximum Generated Pressure Intensifier, 2015 StÄubli Model CS8CHP-TX200 6-Axis Robot with 100KG Payload, ...
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    TrumpF Trulaser 2030 CNC Laser Profile Cutting Machine With Trucoax 3200 Laser Unit & Trumpf Control
    Laser Power 3.2kW. Working Range 'X'=3,000mm, 'Y'=1,250mm, 'Z'=115mm. Maximum Workpiece Weight 590kg. Maximum Cutting Thickness Mild Steel 20mm, Stainless Steel 10mm, Aluminium 8mm. Maximum Sheet Thickness With Automation 15mm. Maximum Axis...


Manufacturers that are normally found in this category are Adira, Amada, Amada Promecam, Atlantic, Bronx, Bystronic, Chicago, Cincinnati, Clearing, Niagara, Dener, Dreis, Ducksung, Durma, EHT, Engel, Ermaksan, Finn Power, Gasparini, Guifil, Haco, Hurco, Knuth, Komatsu, Krras, LVD, LVD, Mitsubishi, Murata, Niagara, NPL, Pacific, Pearson, Piranha, Prima Power, Promecam, Pullmax, Ursviken, Roto-Die, Rousselle, Salvagnini, Standard Industrial, Stripitt, Toyokoki, Trumpf, Ursviken, US Industrial Machinery, Version, Warcom

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