Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment

Engineering labs require a variety of specialized equipment to perform experiments, test hypotheses, and develop new technologies.

What is in the Laboratory category?

The Laboratory category includes all Autoclaves, Balances, Baths, Biological Safety Cabinets, Bio-Rad Equipment, Block Heaters, Centrifuges, Cryogenic Equipment, Data Loggers, Fume Cabinets, Homogenisers, Hybridisation Ovens,  Co2 Incubators, Cooled Incubators, Refrigerated Shakers, Laminar Flow Cabinets, Luminometers, Microbiology Equipment, Microscopes, Laboratory Mixers, Osmometers, Laboratory Ovens, PCR Equipment.

Laboratory Equipment currently available


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    HAUSER H602 Profile projector
    Type H602 - Top lens 20 x/50 to 200x - Episcopy 20-50-100 x - Ø of screen 600 mm - Glass of measuring table Ø 75 mm - Power supply 220 volts - Digital 2-axis display QUADRA-CHEK - Retractable episcopic projector - Dimensions 1100x1720x2100 ...

Laboratory Equipment FAQs

How do I collect my laboratory equipment?

We understand how stressful and complicated the removal of goods from a site can be. We endeavour to make this process as easy as possible for customers by suggesting a network of contractors in the shipping and removal industries.

Please see the service providers section for a full list of contractors.

Can I remove the item (s) myself?

Yes, providing that you or your contractor can fulfil the following criteria:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Licensing
  • Suitable Method Statement
  • Risk Assessment
  • Permits to Work
  • Capability and Competence

We will happily grant you access to the site once we’ve approved all of the documentation required.

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