Gear Machines

Gear Machines

Gears are mechanical components that transmit power and motion from one machine component to another.

What is in the Gear Machine category?

The Gear Machine category includes all Gear Cutters, Gear Grinders, Gear Shapers.

Gear Machines currently available

We currently have no items available at auction, but please contact us to be the first to know if we do.


Manufacturers that are normally found in this category are Csepel, Gleason, Gleason Pfauter, Global Carbide, Hofler, Kapp, Klingelnberg, Liebherr, Luren, Maag, Matrix, Mizoguchi, Niles, Okamoto, Reishauer, Rmando – Rosa, Samputensili, Sunny Machinery, Teledyne Landis, WMW Niles