Scrap Surplus- GE Wind Energy GMBH (Germany)

Large Quantity of Frames & Fixtures - Galvanized Steel Sold as Scrap. Please See the Sale Information Section for Any Additional Fees That May Be Applicable Upon Purchasing an Item. NOTE: GE to Approve All Offers Prior to Apex Final Invoicing. PLEASE NOTE: Collection Flat rate between buyer and contractor 105,00 Euro per hour for Fork-Lift + driver

Ended: 8th April 2021 13:00
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    LOT 1
    Galvanized Steel Frames & Fixtures – Circa 1,318 Metric Tonnes
      Components MF1 Frame; MF2 to MF6 Frame; MF1 Top Boot; MF1 Bottom Boot; MF2 to MF4 Top Boot ; MF2 to MF4 Bottom Boot 

    . PLEASE NOTE: Collection Flat rate between b...

    Sale has ended