Printing and packaging

Printing and packaging

What is in the Printing and Packaging category?

The Printing and Packaging category includes all Digital printers, Ink-jet printers, Screen printers, Heat press machines, Flexographic printers, Laser printer, Pad printers, Offset printers, Rotogravure printing machines and packaging machinery.

Printing and Packaging equipment currently available


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    MOSCA Strapping machine RO-M-P4
    Year 2001 - 230 V - 3,7 A - 50 Hz - 0,85 kW - n°62248
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    2018 Heat Seal Mdl. HSE-100 Shrink Tunnel
    2018 Heat Seal Mdl. HSE-100 Shrink Tunnel, w/ 7" x 15" Opening, S/N: BIA22104


Manufacturers that are normally found in this category are ABG Label Presses, Arsom Label Presses, Aster Book Sewers, Autobond Laminators, Brehmer Wire Stitchers, Corrugating, Duplo Perfect Binders, EBA Guillotines, Focus Label Presses, Heidelberg, Kodak, Label Converting & Packaging, Matrix Laminators, Muller Martini, Nilpeter Label Presses, Omet Label Presses, Osako, Polar Guillotines, Polygraph Seypa Guillotines, Roland Sheetfed Presses, Ryobi Sheetfed Presses, Schneider Senator Guillotines, Stahl, Wohlenberg Guillotines.

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